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The CFRA brings together many groups and individuals, often with divergent viewpoints, to find solutions to water quality and quality problems impacting the entire river basin.  We do this by providing educational opportunities to improve understanding, encouraging dialogue between all interests on important issues, and championing various projects that benefit all citizens of the Cape Fear River Basin.

The Cape Fear River Assembly (CFRA) is governed by a board of directors that includes up to 39 members. The CFRA board includes representatives from key stakeholder groups. Board members also represent the three sub-basins of the Cape Fear River watershed (Upper, Middle, and Lower.) The CFRA Executive Committee is responsible for day to day activities of the CFRA and is comprised of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and two members of the board from the upper, middle, and lower parts of the basin.

Current Officers and Executive Committee:

Jen Schmitz, President
Sarah Braman, Vice-President
Chad Ham, Treasurer
Shauna Haslem, Secretary
Len Bull, Lower Basin
Troy Alphin, Lower Basin
Manhar Patel, Middle Basin
John Bartlett, Middle Basin
Greg Flory, Upper Basin
Peter Raabe, Upper Basin
Deborah Amaral, Past President

TJCOG, Upper Basin
Town of Cary
Fayetteville Public Works Commission
City of Fayetteville
UNC Wilmington
Campbell University
Peidmont Triad Regional Water Authority
American Rivers
Handy Village Institute